The dreaded C-word…

Pushing past what has been a very difficult year for many businesses, it can be difficult to adapt a positive outlook. Changing that mindset may be a challenge but hear me out – let’s get the creative juices flowing again, let’s get your business up a gear and full speed ahead using the resources already at your fingertips.


Rebuild yourself then rebuild your business!

If there is anything that the unmentionable pandemic has thought me, it’s to really step back, see what’s actually worth my time and analyse what’s not working, what’s absolutely not working but most importantly what is working!

Pre-covid I was travelling around the country, clocking up days on the odometer every month for no reason facilitating the needs of others over my own. The compulsory isolation and consequential stop, encouraged a period of reflection and realisation.

What is the most profitable way I can run my business?

We hear the word profit and immediately jump to think money or financial gain. But what is more valuable is your time. Cashing in more time to do the things that fulfil your life is a much more profitable gain.

How can I evaluate my business model, structure and workflow processing to optimise productivity?

Evaluate what you do, how you do it and how you deliver it to ensure that you utilise your time productively. Cut out the tasks that are not beneficial to your overall goals. Quantify and value your work by the time you invest in your business. How can I make this better? How can I make my business more self-sufficient?


Think creatively

If you are at a point where the impact of Covid-19 has slowed down business activity or even forced you shut down your business, take the opportunity to identify the skillsets you brought to the business. What are they? Are the other skills that you have, that you excel in, that you could combine together to create something that would benefit others?


Get your business online

The Irish government has released financial aid to help businesses adapt to what will become a new culture. Restrictive movements and consumer integration means that moving to online is becoming a necessity, now more than ever.

Yes, the online world is big and scary but if you flip the perspective, there are platforms, merchant supports and multiple resources freely available to businesses of all sizes.

The Online Trading Voucher offers upto €2,500 in financial support to help get your business online. Business who have been paying commercial property rates are eligible for up to €25,000 in financial support.


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