Nua Collective have been operating over the last two years as an entirely virtual entity. Now that we are moving in a direction where physical engagement is coming back into play, it is fitting to announce that our premiere live physical exhibition will take place in 2023. In order to begin financing this project we have launched a new fundraising initiative that both introduces a new income source for our artists and raises capital for our exhibition, all while offering patrons a wonderful, limited edition box that features 18 unique prints by our artists.

The Nua Collective Fine Art Print Box  will feature unique, original prints from our 18 Nua Collective professional artists accompanied by a glossy Nua Mag that gives you the inside scoop about our artists and their works, stories and more. As a patron of Nua Collective you will also receive 10% off all artworks by our artists available through 🎨

This new initiative will raise funds in support of a physical exhibition for our members in 2023. 🖼

This initiative is designed to support each of our artists through:

✔️ The commission of their print for our exclusive collection
✔️ The sale of their original works created for the pack via our website at
✔️ The funding earned that will be injected into our physical exhibition

Support Nua Collective today by purchasing a limited edition print box for you or a friend via our Kickstarter campaign now. Please share this with your friends and family and help our artists get the support they truly deserve.